CVYSL BOD Meeting Notes

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Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is currently comprised of 5 members with extensive leadership, coaching and soccer experience.


Board Members Name Email
President  Pam Crone

Vice President, Operations  Fikret Jazvin

Vice President, Director of Coaching  Open

Vice President, Recreational  Jenna Patton

Treasurer  Open

Secretary  Ronda Wilson

Member at Large  Erich Rabago

Vice President, Marketing  Anthony Mata

Officers (Non-Voting Positions)

Officers  Name  Email
 Registrar  Ronda Wilson

 Referee Assignor  Edmon Khangaldian

 Competitive Game Scheduler  Oscar Contreras

 Rec Game Scheduler  Jenna Patton

 Equipment Coordinator  Jennifer Mata

 Player Recruitment

 Nicole Black

 Volunteer Coordinator

 Christine Grady

 Sponsorship Coordinator  Open

 PCA Coordinator  Open

 Raffle Coordinator

Rec Age Group Coordinator

Rec Age Group Coordinator Name  Email
U5/6 AGC

 Priyal Shethna

U7 AGC (Fall only)  Alicia Genchi

U8 AGC  Candice Lipps


U12+ AGC  Jenna Patton

CVYSL Board Meeting Agenda Items

In order for an item to be considered to be added to a Board meeting agenda, a complete description of the item, and any requested action needs to be submitted at least one week in advance of the Board meeting to the CVYSL President at

Note - Board meetings are held the second week of odd-numbered months (ie Jan, Mar, May, July, Sep & Nov).