2017 Board of Directors

Voting Positions Name Email address
President Jed Mettee president@cvysl.org
Vice President, Operations (Fields) Ary Afsari vp-operations@cvysl.org
Vice President, Soccer Paul Holocher vp-soccer@cvysl.org
Vice President, Finance Victoria Ortiz treasurer@cvysl.org
Secretary Christina Ferreira secretary@cvysl.org
Registrar Ronda Wilson registrar@cvysl.org
Equipment Director Scott Gardner equipment@cvysl.org
Tournament Director Erich Rabago tournaments@cvysl.org
Recreational U6 Age Group Coordinator (AGC) Chris Clima u6@cvysl.org
Recreational U8 Age Group Coordinator (AGC) Rebecca Pedroza u8@cvysl.org
Recreational U10 Age Group Coordinator (AGC) Pam Crone u10@cvysl.org
Recreational U12 Age Group Coordinator (AGC) / Fair Play Jenna Patton u12@cvysl.org
Competitive Coordinator Chris Koehler comp@cvysl.org
Non-Voting Positions Name Email address
Director of Coaching - San Jose FC TBD sanjosefc@cvysl.org
Referee Assignor Leslie Duquette refassignor@cvysl.org
CCSL Competitive Registrar Ronda Wilson compreg@cvysl.org
US Club Competitive Registrar Leslie Duquette usclubsoccer@cvysl.org
Volunteer Coordinator Open volunteer@cvysl.org
Competitive Scheduler Michelle Avila scheduler@cvysl.org
Recreational Scheduler Michelle Avila recscheduler@cvysl.org
Sponsorship Coordinator Open sponsors@cvysl.org
PCA Coordinator Open pca@cvysl.org
Raffle Coordinator Open raffle@cvysl.org
Webmaster Kirk Wilson webmaster@cvysl.org


CVYSL Board Meeting Agenda Items

In order for an item to be considered to be added to a Board meeting agenda, a complete description of the item, and any requested action needs to be submitted at least one week in advance of the Board meeting to the CVYSL President at president@cvysl.org.