Canceling ALL soccer activity through March 31

Efforts to contain the COVID-19 virus are rapidly increasing, both at the local and federal level. The CVSJ Board recognizes our part in these efforts and is canceling ALL soccer activity through March 31. NorCal teams may no longer hold optional practices - our fields are 100% closed to soccer activity.

Again, this decision did not come easily. We know that with so much turmoil, the outlet of soccer is very important for our players (and for some of our parents!). We encourage players to continue individual training efforts over the next two weeks. For our older players, maybe you can challenge each other to find the best YouTube skill development video. It's definitely a good opportunity to get out for conditioning.

We will continue monitoring the situation and will share relevant information as it is known. It is our sincere hope that we can all get back on the pitch in April and get this season started for real!

Thanks for being a part of our CVSJ soccer community,

Pam and the rest of the CVSJ Board