COVID Guidance - Return to Play

There has been a lot of recent news regarding youth sports and things have been rapidly changing. We are pleased to confirm that players will be allowed to return to "normal" practices and there will be games this Spring!

As this past year has taught us, there are numerous rules/guidelines that we need to consider. The CVSJ Board has done its best to address all of the state guidelines and develop a club policy on each issue. Please refer to this document to understand what will be allowed (and what won't) if your player chooses to play this Spring. Note that our policies are subject to change, in response to changes in state and county guidelines, orders, directives, etc.

We recognize that one document cannot adequately cover every question or concern that you might have. We encourage you to reach out to your player's coach with questions. If s/he does not have the answer, s/he will escalate it as needed to get a response. Also, you are always welcome to contact any Board member directly - our email addresses can be found on our website.

Thank you for your continued support and trust in our organization. As a Board, we are thankful for a community that understands that with proper precautions, youth sports can safely happen and is a benefit for our kids.

Pam Crone (President) and the CVSJ Board