Red Team


Crossfire Red is a Premier level Tournament Team

2015 Showcase tournament events which Crossfire Red attended include; 

-Vegas Players Showcase (Champions)

-Surf Cup (Super Group)

-Northern California Spring Showcase (Semi-finalists)

-Magic Cup (Finalists)

-Pleasanton Rage Showcase (Semi-finalists)

-Davis Legacy College Showcase (Semi-finalists)

-Placer United Girls Cup (Finalists)

-Sporting Girls Invitational (Finalists)

-Nor Cal State Cup- State Group

-Cal N. State Cup 

-NPL Champions League Spring and Fall College Showcases

The team has been accepted into the 2015 Surf College Cup November 27-29th and plans for another aggressive College Showcase tournament schedule in 2016.

Crossfire Red will participate in the NPL Champions League and CRL in 2016.

The Crossfire Red team is coached by Bob Joyce. 408-554-6556 or

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