Managing Team Paperwork

Team Binder

Once you receive your completed team registration paperwork, you are ready to put together your team binder. All official paperwork in the binder should be kept in protective sleeves. Binders must be at the field with the coach and players at all practices and games. The 1601 USYSA Registration Forms are the medical release forms needed in case of an emergency. For teams planning to attend tournaments, binders should be ordered as follows:

  • Goldenrod (roster)
  • Player Add Forms (if any)
  • Player Transfer Forms (if any)
  • Player Release Forms (if any)
  • Adult Add Forms (if any)
  • Player 1601 USYSA Registration Forms and Player Proof of Age & Name – these forms should be in alphabetical order, with the 1601 on the left hand side facing the Proof of Age (e.g. birth certificate) for the same player on the right hand side. If there is a FDT for the player, that should be placed in front of the birth certificate in the same sleeve. If you have player adds or transfers, insert their 1601’s and birth certificates in the appropriate place to maintain alphabetical order.

Additional items you will probably want to keep in your binder include:

  • Player & Adult Passes
  • Game Cards
  • Roster Stickers – template available on CYSA-N website

Player & Adult Passes

Every player and adult registered with your team will have a pass. Referees will enforce the rule “no pass, no play, no exception,” as the pass is proof of insurance. To ready your passes for game day:

  • Separate the membership card from the pass.
  • Have each player and adult sign the front of their pass exactly as their name is written on the other side of the pass. Note that this signature is no longer required by CYSA-N, though there is still a place for the signature on passes.
  • Laminate all player and adult passes (required by CYSA).
  • Punch hole in corner of passes and put them on a ring in alphabetical order, with players and adults grouped separately. If you have adds or transfers, insert passes in the appropriate place to maintain alphabetical order.
Developing a Budget
Structure Guidelines
  • Fees
    • Central Santa Clara Valley  Soccer Registraiton:
      • Time: May-July
      • Cost: Per Player
    • Spring League Fee
      • Time: February - March
      • Cost: Per Team
  • Tournaments
    • CYSA
      • Time: Begin in May
      • Cost:  Avg $450/tournament
    • USClubsoccer
      • TIme: all year
      • Cost: Avg $600/tournament
  • Equipment
    • Uniform
    • Warmup
    • Player Bag
    • Balls
    • Other game and practice equipment as required.
  • Trainer
    • Practice Time
    • Game Time
    • Travel Expenses to Tournaments
    • Goalie Training
  • Misc.
    • Website
    • Scholarship
    • Team Banner
    • Easy Up for Hot Summer Days
    • Tournament Nutrition
    • Team Functions
  • Sponsorhips/Fundraising
    • Club Raffle
    • Candy Sales
    • Company Sponsorhip
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