How To Apply
  • Make sure to follow the tournament application process described in the link to the left when applying to CYSA-North Sanctioned tournaments.
  • For USclubsoccer tournaments follow the respective tournament application procedures.
Tournaments worth looking at...

CYSA-N Tournaments
State Cup
Girls Only
Placer Prestige Cup

Boys Only

Cental SC Valley
Magic Cup I

Aug. 25, 26
Central SC Valley
Magic Cup III

Aug. 4, 5

USclubsoccer Tournaments
Girls Only
Cal Cup
Boys Only

Outside CYSA-N

Girls Only

Boys Only

Top Tournaments in Northern California Rankings
Date Tournament Affiliation Website Ranking
San Juan California Cup - Girls USclubsoccer Click Platinum
San Juan California Cup - Boys USclubsoccer Click Gold
Placer United Prestige Cup - Boys USclubsoccer Click Silver
Mustang Stamped Classic - Girls
USclubsoccer Click Premier
Santa Clara Sporting Invitational USclubsoccer Click Platinum
Sept-De Norcal Cup USclubsoccer Click Gold
Placer United Foothills Girls Cup USclubsoccer  Click Platinum
Central California Invitational CYSA Click Silver
Mustang Winter Turf Invitational USclubsoccer Click Premier
Jan-Feb State Cup CYSA Click Gold
How Tournaments Are Ranked
Tournaments are rated by competition! Tournaments get points for having the top teams place in their events, then we divide the totals by the number of age-groups offered. For example, if a tournament has one National Champion playing in the event, it gets 400 points. All the points are totaled and then divided by the number of age-groups.

We break the points out separately for boys and girls sections in each tournament.

Points Awarded To Tournaments
For each; Champs Finalist Semis
National Championships 400 200
Regionals 400 200 100
State Championships 200 100 50
Premier Tournaments 300 150 75
Platinum Tournaments 200 100 50
Gold Tournaments 150 75 37
Silver Tournaments 100 50 25
How Teams Are Ranked
Team Ranking by Points
Team Ranking is based on tournament play. Here's how we break the point structure down:  (Points will automatically drop off after 12 months)

Team Point Award For; Champs Finalist Semis
USYSA National Championships 1000 500
US Club Soccer National Championships 1000 500
USYSA Regionals 800 400 200
US Club Soccer Regionals 400 200 100
State Championships 400 200 100
Premier Elite Tournaments 650 325 168
Premier Tournaments 500 250 125
Platinum Tournaments 400 200 100
Gold Tournaments 300 150 75
Silver Tournaments - Statewide 200 100 50
Bronze Tournaments - Local 75 37 18
Copper Tournaments - Local 50 25 13
Developmental Tournaments - Local 25 13 7
Cal North
California Regional League
US Youth Soccer
US Soccer
San Jose Earthquakes
US Club Soccer
National Premier League
NorCal Premier