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Elite Program

We know many families have been anxiously waiting to get back on the field and we’re delighted to be able to provide a platform to return. However, we take our duty to our community seriously and now, more than ever, we have to prioritize member health and safety. We also in no way, shape, or form want to pressure or influence any of our families to rush back if they do not feel it is safe. We respect the decisions of our club members and support them entirely.

Central Valley SJ is committed to delivering quality soccer experiences, in flexible ways that meet all current health guidelines. Come be a part of our soccer community!

Designed for those players who have a greater interest and commitment to advancing their skills. CVSJ has a proud tradition of producing some of the most successful teams in Northern California. Our Elite program offers 10 months of training with paid professional coaches. These players compete in leagues that typically involve traveling to areas outside their league of registration and may include participation in a number of tournaments.

Elite Tryouts Details

Here are a few things to keep in mind as you enter the fields:

  • All players need to bring is their cleats, their own ball and water. 
  • Parents may observe from the outer perimeter of the field, but must maintain a minimum 6ft apart and must wear face coverings.
  • Parents may not congregate inside or outside of the fields
  • Please use the Home St entrance. Upon entering players will have their temperature checked then be instructed where to go.
  • All players must wear a mask upon entering and leaving the fields.

We have been taking measures to ensure the safety of our families and staff since July, and strictly adhere to county protocols. All activities will be designed to maintain social distancing and players will have designated areas to put their belongings. For more information please review this link.

Program Details

Central Valley Youth Soccer League (CVYSL) has a proud tradition of producing some of the most successful teams in Northern California. If interested, please provide your contact info on the Interest Form. Our staff member with the most knowledge of your child's age and gender will get back to you.

How can my player see if CV Elite would be a good fit?

Your player will be invited to training sessions of the CV Elite teams in the Fall. S/he can meet the coach and the players, get a chance to see the level of play the team is currently at and the development approach the coach is taking.

What if my player already plays for another club?

During May, clubs are in the period referred to as the open tryout window. Players are free to visit any club without requiring permission from their current one. When this window closes (May 23 for players born 2006 and earlier, May 30 for 2005 and older), you will need to show permission from your 2019-20 club prior to attending one of our training sessions.

What are the coaches looking for?

While your player's current skills will be assessed, this is not the only thing coaches are looking for. Coaches want to see that a player can work well with the team, responds to feedback and is enthusiastic about the game. It's not just about where the player currently is but rather where they can get to.


COST: For the 2020-21 soccer year, players 2011 & younger (7v7 format) have a registration fee of $1,743. For players 2009-10 (9v9 format), the cost is $1,788. For players 2008 & older (11v11 format), the cost is $1,883. These costs have been adjusted for Fall COVID restrictions and are subject to further reductions IF Spring does not return to normal play.

  • Includes all registration costs, player passes and training fees
  • Ten month training period (two four week breaks, mid-Dec to mid-Jan and mid-Jun to mid-Jul)
  • Tournament fees will be an additional expense (amount varies by team)
  • Basic uniform kit is $100, purchased at SoccerKraze in Campbell

Scholarship Application

We are proud to be able to offer a scholarship program to those families that may need it.  If you would like to apply, please fill out this form. Note that it does require the submission of your latest tax return (Form 1040).

Financial Aid Request Form