CV Select Players

For players (2010 and older for Fall 2019) that want to play at a higher level of competition but do not want to commit to a traditional competitive program. 

  • Placement on a CV Select team is not guaranteed! There may not be a coach or the roster may be full. Note - all interested players are guaranteed placement on a CV Recreational team (with a refund of the higher registration cost).
  • Teams compete in competitive playing leagues (CalNorth/CYSA/CCSL or NorCal). Includes regionally based leagues for Premier, Gold, Silver and Bronze level teams.
  • What if my player already plays for another club? During May, clubs are in the period referred to as the open tryout window. Players are free to visit any club without requiring permission from their current one. When this window closes (May 23 for players born 2006 and earlier, May 30 for 2005 and older), you will need to show permission from your 2019-20 club prior to attending one of our training sessions.
  • What are the coaches looking for? While your player's current skills will be assessed, this is not the only thing coaches are looking for. Coaches want to see that a player can work well with the team, responds to feedback and is enthusiastic about the game. It's not just about where the player currently is but rather where they can get to.
  • Players can also choose whether to participate in one or two seasons (assuming a team is available).