2012 Annual General Meeting (AGM)

The following are the revised CSCVYSL Constitution & By-Laws which will presented, and voted upon at the upcoming 2012 Annual General Meeting. 

Please review these documents in advance of the meeting.  We may need to vote on the changes to each Article individually.  If that is the case, the discussion time will need be very limited to help us to be as efficient as we can during the meeting.

CSCVYSL Constitution - Revised Dec 2011

CSCVYSL By-Laws - Revised Dec 2011

Based upon the position changes described in the revised CSCVYSL By-Laws referenced above, here is the list of candidates for each position:

Voting Positions Candidate(s)
President Jeff Nightingale
VP, Operations Travis Lanphear
VP, Soccer Ary Afsari
VP, Finance Denell Lanphear
Secretary Jacqui Avinger
Registrar Rhonda Wilson
Equipment Director Jeff King
Tournament Director Gabriel Montalvo
U6 Age Group Coordinator Chris Clima
U8 Age Group Coordinator Jenna Patton
U10 Age Group Coordinator Patricia Maier
U12 Age Group Coordinator / Fair Play Krystie DeMello
Competitive Coordinator Open
Non-Voting Positions  
Director of Coaching, San Jose FC Ian Russell
Referee Assignor Leslie Duquette
Competitive Registrar Angie Onate (Spring only) & Rhonda Wilson
Volunteer Coordinator Jacqui Avinger
Scheduler Open
Webmaster Open