CVYSL Competitive Team Uniform Policy

In Feb 2013, the CVYSL Board voted to approve a new custom uniform design for the League, as Adidas has now retired the prvious one.  A "uniform" consists of the jerseys, shorts, and socks.

For any team that had been using the previous Adidas "Custom" uniforms, a one (1) year migration plan has been put into place.  Those teams will have until the Spring 2014 season to migrate to the new 2013 custom "San Jose" uniforms.

Soccer Pro is our exclusive competitve uniform provider.  No other vendor may be used for uniform purchases.  In general, please plan ahead & allow 60 days for delivery, although Soccer Pro will usually have inventory on-hand for incremental player additions.

Also please note that if you are placing an order for an entire team, Soccer Pro will not place the order until all families have paid, unless you direct them to proceed without waiting. 

Please contact Pete @ Soccer Pro directly for ordering assistance, or you can email the CVYSL Equipment Director at

Please click here to download the Soccer Pro Order Form - Excel Version

Contact: Pete Pensa

1338 Saratoga Ave.
San Jose, CA 95117

Phone: (408) 551-0413
Fax:     (408) 551-0414

Mon - Fri:  10-7pm
Sat:  10-5pm
Sun: 11-4pm

Teams not wearing the approved Central Valley uniform in any C.Y.S.A., or US Club Soccer home or away games may be fined $250 for the 1st offense, and the Head Coach of the team may be suspended for the next home game.

For a 2nd offense the team may be fined $500 and the Head Coach of the team may be suspended for the remainder of that Soccer Seasonal year.