CYSA District II Provides Full ODP Scholarships!

On March 13, 2012 the CYSA affiliated leagues in District II voted to provide the Olympic Development Program (ODP) at no cost to players from their affiliated teams playing in a CYSA league.  CYSA Players, registered with a District II affiliated league, selected to the CYSA State ODP pools for the 2012-13 cycle are eligible for free participation in ODP at the State level and above, including all Cal North ODP events and US Youth Soccer ODP Regional and National events.  The scholarship funding will include airfare, hotels, and other costs associates with the program.

US Youth Soccer ODP identifies the great majority of the top soccer players for the US National teams.  US Youth Soccer ODP is unique amongst elite programs in that players selected for state and regional teams compete against other states and regions in highly competitive matches.  The recently completed ODP Championships attracted over 200 college coaches and teams from the 14 Region IV Western states.

The California Youth Soccer Association (CYSA) is the USSF affiliated state association for Northern California.  CYSA is a member of US Youth Soccer, the largest youth sports organization in the USA with 3,000,000 member players, and is the provider of the US Youth National Championship series and ODP, as well as other programs for all levels of youth soccer.

CYSA District II is comprised of 16 affiliated leagues encompassing all of the counties of Monterey, San Benito, Santa Clara, and San Mateo. Approximately 27,000 players participate in District II.  The District II affiliated leagues provide the best soccer playing leagues; locally (CCSL Coast), state-wide (CCSL State), region-wide (Far West Regional League), and nation-wide (US Youth Soccer National League), allowing players and teams to choose their level of competition and time commitment.  The CYSA District II affiliated leagues are now adding no cost ODP as an additional benefit to your CYSA membership.  Additional information on the District 2 ODP Program can be found at

The CYSA District 2 leagues are:

Central Santa Clara Valley YSL
Redwood YSL
Foothill YSL
De Anza YSL
Santa Clara YSL
West Valley YSL
South San Jose YSL
North Valley YSL
Mount Hamilton YSL
Alum Rock YSL
Santa Cruz County YSL
San Benito YSL
El Camino YSL
Los Gatos United YSL
Almadén Valley YSL
Orchard Valley YSL

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