Youth Soccer FAQ

How do I register? What is required?

For new and some returning players, a birth-certificate or passport is needed to verify age. Registration for these seasons typically closes in June for Fall soccer, and in February for Spring soccer.

  • New Players: A copy of your child’s passport or birth certificate (Certificate of Vital Record issued by the county recorder) to verify the child’s age must be uploaded into the registration program during registration if not previously uploaded.
  • Returning Players: You will be notified by the Registrar, if proof of age is required.

Age Restrictions

Age of the player is based on their birth year. For Ex. 2007 = U12, 2005 = U14 (players do not "age-up" until the following Fall). If you were U9 in the Fall you remain U9 in the Spring. Note that odd years (U5, U7, U9) may be combined with the next year up based on registration numbers

Friend/Coach Requests

You may make 1 coach and 1 friend request; NO REQUESTS ARE GUARANTEED. No refund will be given, if your child is not placed on the team you desired, NO EXCEPTIONS. We try to consider the school and zip codes of the children in hopes that each child is on a team with fellow classmates or families nearby. Our hope is to make this a fun and memorable experience for all.

How are teams organized? How big are the teams?

Teams are organized by birth year, school attended and requests. Requests are not guaranteed, as teams are built to be balanced. Team size depends on age. Teams that play 4 v 4 will have no more than 8; 7 v 7, no more than 11; 9 v 9, no more than 13. Older teams may have as many as 16-18.

How often are practices and games? Where are practices and games held?

Practices are at the discretion of the coaches, and will begin usually three/two week’s prior to season beginning, and as the coaches are identified and teams are formed. The number of practices will vary, and generally increase with the age of the child.

Games are held on Saturday’s and occasionally some teams will have ONE Sunday game during the season. Game times range between 8:00am – 4:00pm.

All U6 - U10 recreational games are played on schools/parks in the Cambrian, Willow Glen and Rose Garden neighborhoods of San Jose, but sometimes may be at fields/parks in the City of Campbell. Most of U12 - U18 recreational program games are also played on fields within San Jose & Campbell, but some of the "play through" games can be played in other nearby cities.

When does the season begin?

Depending on the season, Fall usually starts the first weekend of September after Labor Day and Spring starts mid-late March.

  • Fall Season: Sep – Nov
  • Spring Season: Mar – Jun

When will I be contacted about my child’s team assignment?

Parents, you will be contacted by your child’s coach. Depending on the season it could be a month/three weeks before season starts. Please be patient with coaches as they are volunteers and arranging practices times/days, it also depends much on their work schedule and field availability or assignment from the league.

When does the schedule of games come out?

Usually the schedule comes out one-week prior to the season start. AGC’s will submit game schedules to coaches who will then send it to parents. After the first week, schedules will be posted on the Central Valley website.

Can I get a refund?

Refunds will only be issued if your child cannot be placed on a team.  No refunds will be issued after August 1st, 2022. Refund requests after this date will be subjected to a $50 fee and board approval.

What is an Age Group Coordinator (AGC)?

Age Group Coordinator (AGC) manages certain divisions. There are four AGC’s, a U6 (U5&U6), U8 (U7&U8), U10 (U9&U10), U12&up.

What is the league's mailing address?

Central Valley Youth Soccer League, PO Box 54390, San Jose, CA 95154-4396