CVYSL Field Re-lining Instructions

CVYSL Field Re-lining Instructions

Please forward these instructions for field lining to your parent volunteers.

Thank you very much for volunteering to help re-line our fields! This can be done Thursday or Friday. Please refer to the re-lining schedule for specific times we are allowed on the field and any other restrictions. It’s OK to line if there are soccer teams practicing – your efforts take priority!!

Each field has a lock box on the grounds that stores our lining equipment (codes listed below). It looks like a large metal foot locker or steamer trunk. The field liner is in two pieces in that box. It needs to be put together, with the wheeled piece as the base and the handle secured into the opening. Make sure to use the bolt to set the handle at the highest level (the top hole), creating a wider line when painting.

There should be ample paint in the boxes as well. Place a box of paint on the liner. You will likely need 6-8 cans to complete the field. Shake two cans well, until you hear the balls rattling freely (usually about 20 seconds). Take the lids off and place them upside down in the opening.  Make sure to properly align the nozzle with the hole. 

Place the metal bar over the top of the front paint can. The bar closer to the handle goes under the front bar (in the middle section) and the notched side goes under the bar that runs up to the handle. You are now ready to paint. If both cans don’t spray when you pull the handle, you might have to push down on the front can while lifting the handle to get started. You also might need to clear a clog off the nozzle and/or clear built up paint on the liner (bolts work well for this).
You will then follow the lines already in place for the fields you are lining. Don't forget the penalty and goal boxes, center line and circle and the build-out line for the 7v7 fields. 

TIP: If the lines are faint, use the corner flags as a guide to keep your lines straight.

Bonus points to those that want to be environmentally responsible by taking the empty cans home for recycling. You can put into your personal recycling container. Empty paint cans are allowed, as are empty aerosol cans (link to SJ City Recycling Website). Do NOT dispose of empty cans at the field; put them back in the storage box if you can’t take them with you.