John Muir Middle School

Field Information
Address 1260 Branham Lane, San Jose, CA  95118 (Click for Google Maps)
Field Coordinator John Fordham - (408) 394-7767

3 - Full Size Fields
Field 1 - 65 x 100 yards
Field 2 - 65 x 100 yards
Field 3 - 70 x 105 yards
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Special Notes

Gates and goals at John Muir must be locked-up after every practice and the last game of the day (all fields).

Trash cans must be emptied when full and coaches and team managers are responsible for cleaning up after their teams and opponents.  Note: Gate keys are located near both gate entrances in a realtor-style lock box.

During the Spring season, teams will be sharing the field(s) with the following leagues:
Branham Hills Little League - Field #3 (Mon thru Sat)
San Jose Unified "After School All Stars." 

If problems arise with unauthorized users, contact San Jose Unified Security at 1-800-318-2222.



Field Set-up Place equipment in proper locations on fields.
Field Take-down Please note the locations for goals, as shown below. Goals CANNOT block the main track and the two on the east-end of Field 1 need to be locked together, face-to-face on the grass, as shown.