Reserving Fields

Permits have been applied for. Do not reserve fields until after August 1, 2006.

Practice Fields

Our permits for fields with the Cambrian, Campbell and San Jose Unified School Districts along with the City of San Jose Parks, commence on August 1st. We are NOT allowed to start practice until after 4:30pm at all school sites. City parks can be used from 4pm till dark. Field permits vary from field to field. Check each field site for days and times available.

Decide where you would like to practice, and when. Contact your Age Coordinator and let them know your preferences. The Age Coordinator will note your request and review what space is available. Based on availability, the coordinator will let you know the status of your application. You should apply for your practice space after August 1st when we will have confirmaton on all our permits.

No coach will be permitted to use a practice field unless they have received permission from the field coordinator.

PLEASE ensure that your parents, players and coaches treat the neighbors that live around your practice field with the utmost respect. Keep noise to a minimum and NEVER allow players to kick balls against the fences. Practices should never take place close to fences and no player, parent or coach should ever enter a garden/yard to retrieve a ball without first asking the homeowner for permission. Use designated parking areas - do not block driveways!

Remember we use the fields only as long as we maintain goodwill amongst our neighbors.