San Jose City College

                                                         Field Information

Address: 2100 Moorpark Avenue, San Jose, California 95128 (Click for Google Map)
Status: Check Field Status Alerts & sign up for text notifications
Size: 80 x 120 yards Turf
Equipment: Goals must be locked up after every practice or game, and the corner flags stored in the Equipment Room.  

Pick up all trash before you leave, regardless if it was yours or not.
Parking & Drop-off:

Click for printable map of parking and field location

You must have a parking permit displayed on your dashboard and do not back in or pull through and park, or you may be ticketed.

The main entrance/exit is off of Moorpark Avenue, and there is another off of Leigh Avenue. (See map.)

The primary parking is in Parking Lot P, adjacent to the footbal stadium. Additional parking is also available in the student parking structure.  (See map.)

The drop-off area is just outside of Parking Lot P. (See map below.)  No drop-offs on Leigh Avenue.

There is a walking path from Parking Lot P to the Soccer Field entrance.  **There is no field entrance from Leigh Avenue.**

CV Home Teams are responsible to ensure that both our parents, and all visiting teams understand the field rules, including the use of the parking permit. 

Any team not adhering to the rules will have their field usage privileges revoked. 


Parking Map