Project 40

Central Santa Clara Valley Youth Soccer League (CVYSL) will be continuing our soccer development program directed at selected recreational soccer players playing in the U8 age group during the Fall season.  The object is aimed at providing CVYSL’s top young talent with the valuable training needed to develop their skills and further their success in CVYSL.

Project 40 is designed to help the best recreational kids that were observed in play by their coaches, by providing three 1-hour free soccer clinics in December / January.  These clinics will be designed to develop the skills required for playing at a higher level in a fun yet challenging environment.

The overall goal of CVYSL Project 40 is to enable CVYSL to maximize the development of their younger players and to compete at the highest level available.  The program’s more specific goal is to provide each player with the opportunity to participate in quality practices and clinics, enabling the player to develop at an accelerated pace.

How will Kids be selected for Project 40

Each coach will be requested to submit the names and contact information for their top two (2) players.  Please email your Age Group Coordinator (AGC) the following information:

1. Coach’s name
2. Player’s name
3. Players email address
4. Players phone number (if known)

In addition, players observed in play by selected coaches and referees will also be identified and offered a spot in the program.  Once selected, each player will have a reserved spot in our clinics to be held during December and January.


The clinics will organize kids into age and gender specific groups.  This way, each child can participate and compete with other children of the same age group and gender.  These clinics will be held at no cost to the kids.

For more information, please contact