Referee Payment

Our Expectations

  • Uniforms
    • You really need to have two colors with you. One should always be yellow and one other color. Most refs have Blue.
    • The uniform needs to be worn properly.
  • On-Time
    • You should be at your game 30 Minutes prior to start time. Check the goals for safety and field for any hazards and bring it to home team coaches' attention.
  • Consequences
    • There will be consequences for:
      • Being Late
      • Being out of Uniform
      • Not showing up to your game.
    • Consequences can/will be anything from one taking away one weekends games to taking away an entire season.
    • Don't sign up for a game and send someone else in your place as you will be fired on the spot and your replacement will be sent home.


Random Evaluations

We will send out random evaluations to coaches to see if you were on time, in uniform, and if were you calling a good game.  This will work the other way also.  For the random game chosen, we will send one evaluation form to the coach and one to the referee.


Payments will be made electronically via RefPay.
I must get the game card. Two ways you can get me the game card
1. Bring it to my house
2. Mail it to my house.
The CR is responsible for turning in the game card.
I need game cards by the end of the month

Game Requirements/Limitations:

Make it fair for everyone to earn some money and get the experience
Make sure you are fresh and able to do your best.
First Priority is to make sure that every game is covered.
Follow the limitation until:
Games are not covered. If by Thursday you see games are not covered but you have exceeded your limitations then by all means help the league out.
Someone has called you to take a game.

Our Mission
Give you the training that you need
Keep you with in the CVYSL League.


At NO TIME, should a  referee be touched, pushed, shoved, insulted, yelled at, or hear any abusive language either by the coaches or the spectators.  Your first rule of thumb is to approach the coaches and ask them to control their parents and warn him of his ejection.  If the abuse continues, Identify the parent and have the coach remove that parent.  If this continues, suspend the game and create an incident report for either NorCal or CalNorth with Edmon Khangaldian on copy.  Your safety is our outmost concern.

Referee Committee

Edmon Khangaldian - Referee Assignor