USSF Grade 8 Referee Clinics hosted by CVYSL


The Grade 8 clinic consists of a total of eighteen (18) hours of instruction. Upon successful completion of the course that includes a passing score on a written test, candidates may register as Grade 8 Referees with the United States Soccer Federation

Grade 8 referees are licensed to referee division 1 (select), 2 (competitive), and 4 (recreational) games.

CVYSL Clinic 1

Date of the class are July 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th, 8th and 10th.  Time of the class will be from 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Location for Clinics:
Campbell Community Center;

Address: 1 West Campbell Ave., Campbell California Room E-46

Field Clinic will be Saturday and Sunday July 28th and July 29th at Ida Price.  More information to follow once you pass the class.

Class Rules:
All classes are scheduled to start on time. Be there and ready to go! Bring notepaper and pencils.

* You may miss ONE three hour period. Students with more than one three-hour period missed will not be allowed to take the test. One exception, you CAN NOT miss the class the covers Law 12

* Attendance will be recorded via the instructor’s sign in sheet only!! Those leaving/late will be noted for time lost.

* Students can be ‘red carded” from the class by the instructor.

* Students must have their registration forms properly filled out and the registration fee in to the instructor before the test is taken. Students will not be allowed to take the test if these items are not turned in ahead of time.

The instructor is prepared to fill out your form for you. This will be explained.

Cost of Clinic
$50 per Student

* $25 for License (CNRA)

* $25 refundable (CVYSL)

Bring 2 checks to the clinic. One made out to CNRA, for the amount of $25, and a second check made out to CVYSL for the amount of $25.
If more than one family member, etc. is taking the class, provide separate checks for each.
The amount is $50.00 per student

* Any student not passing the test with a grade of 75 or better will have the money ($25.00 registration check) returned.

* The $25 CVYSL fee is refundable upon completing the three required training games that will set.

To register contact:
Scott Smith