Tournament Weekends

November 11th, 12th, 18th, and 19th

Jamboree 2006
November 11, 12, 18, 19

CVYSL strives hard to be a "Good Neighbor".  Here are a few tips on helping all of us in keeping this pledge.

  1. Try to park your car in parking lots, or next to the fields first.  Only park down the residential streets if no parking is available in the parking lots.  Ida Price, Fammatre, Farham, and John Muir all have ample parking lots.
  2. Do not block driveways.  If your bumper is hanging just a little bit into a driveway, look for another location.
  3. Dispose of all trash!  If you see a mess on the sideline, sidwalk, or someones lawn be proactive and pick up the trash.
  4. No Dogs.  This is a league and school policy.
  5. No noise makers.  This means bells, horns, rattles, and other things we may want to bring out to show our team spirit.  Show you support with cheers, high fives, parent tunnels, and helping your soccer player decorate their face, and hair with team colors.
  6. Be nice to our referees.  Mistakes happen, and we all make them.
  7. Greet the parents from the other team, and wish them luck.