Recreational Training Plans

Coach Training Plans: These plans take you practice by practice, giving you an outline of what should be covered with ideas for drills and plays.


For Recreational Coaches

Training During COVID19

Join our CV coaches for a series of indivual training videos, designed to be done at home - all you need is a ball. These videos will show you various techniques and drills you can do, from basic excersises to more advanced and challenging moves.

Join Coach Fabulous for some easy soccer exercises you can do on your own to help improve your soccer skills, stay in shape, and help burn off some of that energy.

Basic Excercises

Basic Exercises - Inside Foot Dribbling

Join Coach Anthony Mata for some lessons on Ball Mastery to improve your touch and continue your technical training.

Soccer Training Guide - Ball Control 1

Soccer Training Guide - Ball Control 2

Soccer Training Guide - Ball Control 3

Advanced: Once you've mastered these moves, start combining them together. Your groundmoves should be smooth and controlled.

Here are some tips on restarting activity from Stanford Sports Medicine. Safely transition from shelter to sport: Stretching and Stabilization