Important Notice from CVYSL President

BEFORE EVERY GAME, CHECK THAT THE GOALS ARE SECURED! If there are stakes attached, make sure they are pounded in enough to actually be touching the goal. Stepping on them usually does the trick but there are hammers in the equipment box if needed. If there aren't stakes (or you can't get them in), you need to get sandbags out of the equipment box. Yes, the adults at the game before you should have already checked this. Yes, we also tell the referees to check this. However, this is such an important safety step that it warrants a double (or triple) check. If you delegate this responsibility, please ensure it's to a parent that understands what it's supposed to look like. Note that the 11v11 goals at John Muir do not require any sort of staking/additional securing.

AFTER YOUR GAME, PUT GOALS AWAY IF ANOTHER TEAM IS NOT WARMING UP! Here is a checklist of what it means to put away the equipment:
 - goals are moved back over to the fence they are secured to
 - goals are locked back up (both sides of the goal at Price)
 - flags and sandbags are put into the equipment box
 - equipment box is locked! (see how to video if needed)
 - trash is picked up

Thanks for taking the time to read this and for helping make CV the best place in Silicon Valley for youth soccer!

Pam Crone
CVYSL President

Coach Resources

Recreational coaches are volunteers and typically parents of the players and must pass a background check. If you are interested in coaching a recreational team, please indicate your interest when registering your child for CVYSL recteational soccer.